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First Lines From 2007

Idea stolen from Kathryn

From the first post I authored each month this year.

January New Mothers' Breastfeeding Promotion and Protection Act of 1998

February Can leaving a baby to 'cry it out' cause brain damage?

March I have spent at least two cumulative hours on hold calling the DMV to change my address, b/c it kept telling me online that my new address was not recognized.

April Infantino Recalls Infant Sling Carriers Due to Fall Hazard

May Daddy is home and Meg is registered for kindergarten.

June My poor baby is sick.

July We had a wonderful little party yesterday.

August Breast-feeding campaign aims to save lives.

September The short version, plus pics: Ben: talking up a storm, perpetually cute.

October 10 Reasons I Can't Spank

November Some of my readers won't have a problem with an anti-religion movie, but for those of you who do: The Golden Compass.

December It takes a long time to load.

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