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Love My Four!

Analisa Roche
5 November 1973
80's, 80s music, always learning, an optimistic vision, anti-circumcision, ap, attachment parenting, babies, baby slings, baby wearing, being a kickass mama, being a mama, being a mom, being with my family, birth, birth stories, body image, books, bookshops, bookstores, breastfed, breastfeeding, catholicism, childbirth, childlike wonder, christ as a guide, christianity, cloth diapering, cloth diapers, coffee, communal living, compassion, cooking, cosleeping, crafts, dallas, daughters, de-cluttering, decluttering, diet coke, doulas, dr. mckenna, dr. sears, eco-friendly parenting, extended breastfeeding, faith, family, fetal development, flylady, genital integrity, gentle discipline, gentle parenting, girls only posts, global citizenship, god, good will, goodnight moon, growth in grace, health, healthy eating, healthy living, heart, home improvement, home ownership, homebirths, homemade baby food, homemaking, intactivism, jay gordon, jesus, joy, la leche league, learning new stuff, listening to music, living with intention, lll, love letters, loving fiercely, martha sears, midwifery, monastic life, motherhood, mothering, multiples, music, naptime, national public radio, natural childbirth, natural healing, natural living, natural moms, natural parenting, nighttime parenting, npr, organizing things, overcoming anxiety, parenthood, parenting, peacefully existing, positive discipline, prayer, pregnancy, pro-life, purposeful action, quiet times, rainer maria rilke, raising children, reading, reality tv, reproduction, rights for the unborn, sahms, science, self image, self improvement, shel silverstein, simplicity, sisters, sleep, sleeping, slings, spelling errors in books, spirituality, stay at home moms, still here clothing, survivor, sympathetic joy, taking pictures, tea, texans, texas, the baby book, the library, the smell of books, thinking, toddlers, trusting god, twins, unborn babies, vulnerability, walking, weight loss, weightloss, whole foods, william sears, wine, work-family balance, writing